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We hope you enjoy watching our 2021 Christmas Concert. 特别感谢金沙app下载客户端所有有才华的表演者, 音乐和舞蹈工作人员, Noor (Year 9, camera assistant) and to Ms Houssein for producing our film. 所有在HAB的人祝你圣诞快乐! Watch at



呼叫所有未来的科学家! Applications are open for our first 2022 I ♥ Research Academy. Year 10-11 students can find out about careers in research and have a chance to develop their own project. 找出更多并应用:


Kandia, Year 12, reports on an inspiring visit to 金沙app下载 by author and historian Blair Imani.



Congratulations!! 很高兴看到两位前任 pupils proudly representing their secondary school.


Very proud of our fantastic Year 7 Spelling Bee team, who took 3rd place in the recent Spelling Bee . Well done Niamh, Georgina, Mushtaq, Laura, Philomena and Maia!


穆斯塔格,七年级,回顾 's 'High Rise Mystery' series on our student blog. "If you like reading murder mystery books, this is for you. 真是一本精彩的书.还有很多评论和文章


Thank you to the British Antarctic Survey for inspiring Year 9 girls with a great talk about arctic science (and warm clothes!). 信息量大,视野开阔. "One of the best experiences I've had at HAB.” Shayma, Year 9


HAB文化日昨天举行, with students dressing in the styles and fashions that represent their culture, 或者他们欣赏的文化. Celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests, helps unite and educate us.


Interested in a place at the Sixth Form for September? Hear from our current Year 12 and 13 students to discover all of the opportunities that are available to you as students of HAB6. Applications are open until the end of December. Get applying now!


Aneela, Year 9, has written a great article about the new and exciting clubs being introduced to our extra-curricular timetable. 读她所说的


11月5日(星期四)中六公开晚会.00-6.30pm Come and see the wonderful Sixth Form at 金沙app下载 at our open evening on Thursday 4th November from 5.00-6.30pm


有更多的机会赢取奖品 !


Come and see 金沙app下载 Sixth Form at our Open Evening, Thurs 4th Nov, 5.00-6.30pm. Both internal and external students are welcome to attend. 金沙app下载客户端期待着您的到来. Details at


A huge thank you to Catherine Johnson for delivering some fabulous 今天和七年级的学生一起参加工作坊. Students left the sessions inspired and keen to write more!


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在苏格兰的最后一天! It was the best experience ever and I enjoyed it so much!


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我很享受这次旅行! I loved it! I had the best time ever and did things I thought I could never do



gloves at the ready… come join us to plant bulbs & 填补温室🌷🌱🌺🍐🥕🍅🥔🥬🌶


Our students are all having a brilliant time on their trip to Scotland!


The first 'planting party' for our new Wellbeing is on Sat 9th Oct. Come and help us prepare our raised beds, borders and greenhouse. 不需要经验. 点击这里查看详细信息并注册!


The student HAB Outward Bound trip to Scotland has arrived safe and sound!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, 个人发展与抱负.

Central Office















Enrichment at Home

If students need to study at home again for a period we will update this page with new exciting options - arts, crafts, languages, sport, music, STEM and more!

Arts and Culture

TheatreOur wonderful librarian Ms Morris invites you to join HAB的第一个在线读书俱乐部 – find the book they are reading and more information here.

Explore the world’s best museums and art galleries virtually, with The Guardian.

Become immersed in theatre with the weekly Thursday streaming of a plays at the National Theatre. View their schedule of plays.

被送回 莎士比亚的英格兰 从你自己的前厅,那个
Globe theatre is streaming a different Shakespeare play every three weeks.

没看过歌剧,也没看过 ballet performed live? Now is your chance.
The famous Royal Opera House 正在看他们的节目.

Contemporary dance 节目可以观看 萨德勒的威尔斯数字舞台.

Into Film is a fantastic website for young people interested in film and
cinema. L

Get Creative!

跟随Kulatilleke女士精彩的每日报道 书法教程 on the @habcalligraphy Twitter page.

Embark on a creative project with 快乐的工匠.

Cook a meal 或者给你的家人吃一顿甜点 杰米·奥利弗的家庭食谱.

又一个很棒的网站 有趣又健康的食谱 is Food! A fact of life.


48b81bcd 9c91 4441 ae0e f93102e43a38If you borrowed needles and yarn from Ms Nicky or have your own needles at home, you can use these tutorials to develop your knitting skills. Ms Nicky has been knitting some lovely scarves for her granddaughter (see picture)! It's important to keep practising your knitting skills whilst you are at home. 将您的编织项目的照片发送到  Ms Nicky cannot wait to see what you have made. 


Happy knitting!


Learn a new language or go the extra mile with French or Spanish, with Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.

对于金沙app下载客户端的EAL学习者(但对任何人都很好!), here are some amazing audio books which you can listen to on your phone; from Spanish folk tales to Astrophysics! 点击这里查看链接.

Take the time to 学习英国手语的技巧.

多语种家庭 - see a special message to our multi-lingual families from Miss Fogarasi.


与金沙app下载客户端一起拓展你的音乐视野 Music Club 皮克顿-特贝维尔先生的推荐. 点击这里查看链接.

想练习你的 singing at home? 看看这些教程.

SportSport and Fitness

看看帕尔默女士的杰作吧 cheerleading tutorials. 点击这里查看链接.

Try improving your flexibility and clearing your mind with Ms Palmer’s Yoga Tutorials点击这里查看链接.

Do 30 mins of exercise 早上把你叫醒. 和乔一起参加体育活动.

用简短的 10 min workout, from the NHS.

学习一种新的舞蹈动作 and share it with your friends, with the help of SkillShare.

感觉更活跃了? Try POPSUGAR Fitness.


STEMOur computer science expert Ms Newell has recommended an amazing set of courses in app design which are available to all HAB students. 点击这里查看链接.

对星星感兴趣? 莫拉加·卡尔德隆女士创造了一个美妙的 astronomy course 帮你在夜晚导航天空. 查看她的资源. 点击这里查看链接.

想学习或练习你的 编码和编程 skills? The following websites are a great place to start:

  • Code – for general coding practice - years 7-9 have log-ons
  • Codecombat ——基于游戏的编码
  • Idea – free mini courses with certificates for completing coding courses

These 英国科学周资源 have ideas for fun science activities at home for KS3.

DoEDuke of Edinburgh

The good news is that Duke of Edinburgh participants can still be completing their sections from home. 请看这里 FAQs from DofE to help you.

If you can continue the activity you already started, great. 把它记在你的日志里. 如果你不能继续,还有 活动创意清单. Please email Ms Newell for an entry form for your idea.


Proud of a cake you’ve baked or a have new dance routine you want to share?  把它发给阿盖尔女士或推特 @HAB_Enrichment with your achievements – we are looking forward to hearing what new things you have tried!

Remember that there is a PRIZE for the most impressive/most completed achievements.

If you have any ideas for more enrichment activities you want to try at home, 金沙app下载客户端想听听你的意见. Email Ms Argyle 与你的建议.